World class mixed media specialist


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Working with local / national clients, and delivering the most up to date effective media


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Forever in gratitude


Professional Awards

Media Design / Directing / Photography

Who am I?

Jeremy Helal, a product of Las Vegas, born and raised inside the most unnatural city in the world. I don’t want to sound too grandiose or over-zealous, but the guy has talent...

A multi-faceted, attention to detail, hard driven individual. Jeremy can do anything. Anything. But let’s talk about what he does best. Media production. The whole gamut. Jeremy runs circles around the competition. Photographer, cinematographer, writer, director, editor, special effects, colorist, graphic artist, musician, and a pretty decent tennis player. He’s got more credentials than the end of a Michael Bay film. That’s is the kind of guy everybody needs. There’s one thing that makes Jeremy special, something that sets him apart from the rest… Dedication. Truck loads of it. Some say it could fill the Grand Canyon. Let me tell you something, I believe them.


Adobe Premiere / Final Cut

Advanced knowledge and superior skill inside editing programs


After Effects / Photoshop

Almost complete understanding of post-production and special effects



Basic understanding on how to manipulate and tweak source code


Mac/Windows OS

Easily navigate and fully comprehend multiple operating system platforms

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